Bear Safety Tips

Bear Safety Tips, or "A Fed Bear is a Dead Bear!"

Most guests do not realize that Bears are all around the Highway 4 corridor and the Arnold area.  Bears are all around Blue Lake springs in the Summer and Winter but are generally shy and avoid contact with humans.  It is fairly common to see bears in the early morning and late evening in the summer but is less common to see them in the winter time.  Bears are attracted to unsecured trash cans but have been known to break into cars in search of food.  We remind all guests to take all food and scented items out of their vehicles year round to avoid bear damage.  Be sure to remove all candy, drinks, sunscreen, lotions, lip balms, lotions or other strongly scented items.

Aside from damage to vehicles, bears can quickly learn that vehicles are an easy source of food and become a problem animal.  We have heavy duty metal trash enclosures to prevent bears, racoons and other animals from getting into the trash.  

Contrary to popular opinion, bears are not simply relocated, a problem bear is usually euthanized to prevent risk more severe encounters.  If you see a bear keep your distance and do not approach them.  Watch from inside vehicles or from a high cabin deck.  Please do not feed or leave out food for bears or other animals.  Not only is it illegal to feed wildlife, it will ultimately lead to bears becoming problems and being destroyed..

Remember, a Fed Bear is a Dead Bear!

Bears are most active in the summer but are still active through the winter season.