Comfort Convenience and Safety

More Fun!

We have outfitted the Lazy Bear Lodge with many features to make your stay more safe, convenient and enjoyable.  Our latest fun addition is a 65" Samsung LED 4K TV with xBox 360 game system and universal remote in the front bedroom.  We have two Guitar Hero guitars so that you can rock out on the big screen!  The media system in the front bedroom is controlled by the same intuitive, menu driven Control 4 system that is in the family room.

More Comfort!
The cabin is equipped with a variable speed heat pump as well as a propane furnace and wood stove.  The HVAC system is Wifi enabled and the cabin will be cooled/heated prior to your arrival.  The variable speed heat pump is capable of adjusting to deliver just the right amount of heating and cooling without overshooting the temperature setpoint.  If you purchase our linens package the specified beds will be made up for you.
More Convenience!
Our latest additions are USB and power outlets on the night stands in the loft and front bedrooms.  We now have USB charge ports in the kitchen (4), front bedroom (4) and loft(3) for your convenience.  We purposely do not have USB charge ports in the bunk room so that parents can control their kids use of electronics at bedtime (kids devices can go in the kitchen).  You can leave your chargers at home and just bring a USB cable for your device.  Each bathroom is outfitted with a hairdryer for guest use.  The cabin is also outfitted with several folding chairs for guests to use during their stay.  We are completely keyless and guests use keyless locks to access the cabin.  The cabin WiFi uses a captive web portal and guests only need to enter a userid and password (which are posted in the kitchen) to get online quickly and without neighbors stealing bandwidth.  We utilize an automatic system to monitor the Wifi, Cable Modem, Router and switches and automatically reboot devices in the event of a failure.
Smarter Lighting!
We recently completed installation of a Lutron smart lighting system.  Guests can now turn off all lights when leaving from a keypad in the front entry hall.  We have master keypads in the family room, kitchen and loft to allow control of lights throughout the cabin.  No more running downstairs to turn off the back deck lights, you can do it from the nearest keypad!  Almost every light in the cabin has been upgraded to LED bulbs with advanced Lutron dimmer switches to avoid humming and flicker.  The bunk room ceiling and closet lights are both dimmable so that they can be used as night lights for the little ones.
Better Safety!
Since we purchased the cabin we have made safety a priority for our family and our guests.  We have a large industrial first aid kit in the front bedroom closet that is equipped to treat everything from a small boo-boo to a moderate injury.  All smoke alarm batteries are tested and changed annually and we have brand new of carbon monoxide detectors throughout the cabin.   All railings and banisters were rebuilt to modern safety code when we purchased the cabin.
More Maintenance!
In addition to our regular cleanings between rentals we spend a considerable amount of time cleaning and doing preventative maintenance.  We recently changed all of the alarm, smoke detector, door lock, lantern and TV remote batteries.  This spring we brought up our Roomba robotic vacuum and did three passes in each bedroom to get all the lint and dust out from under the beds and behind furniture.  Over the years we have developed a rotation of cleaning high and low spots in the cabin and we have a regular maintenance schedule to clean the furnace filters and have preventative maintenance done on the HVAC system and water heater.  We recently converted our bathroom fans from fluorescent to LED bulbs and installed new fan impellers and cleaned the entire fan to keep the fans as quiet as when they were brand new.
Come and see why we continue to earn five-star reviews!