EV Charging is now Available!

We are pleased to offer our Electric and Plug-in Hybrid vehicle guests access to a new EV charging station.  Our EV charging station can supply up to 40 Amps, or 9.6KW of charging capacity.  Most EV's and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles can charge at up to 6.6KW but Tesla and newer vehicles can take advantage of the higher charging capacity to more quickly charge their batteries.

Our charging station features an industry standard J1772 charging handle that will fit all production electric vehicles (Tesla vehicles require a J1772 to Tesla adapter).  All electric vehicles should be able to fully charge in four to eight hours and will fully charge overnight.
Note:  Charger is turned off when the cabin is not rented to prevent unauthorized use.  Charging is available for free daily from 11:00pm to 7:00am.

NOTE:  The Lazy Bear Lodge is one a time of use electric rate plan. 
Please charge schedule your charging from Midnight to 7am to utilize off-peak energy. 
Charging during peak hours will be billed at $10/hour.
Please limit charging to no more than 40 Amps while the cabin is running on generator (during utility power outages).