Traveling with Infants and Toddlers

Let's face it, traveling with younger kids is not easy! When our kids were tiny we would pack up the stroller, the pack-n-play, a portable high-chair, bed rails, toys, games, books, stuffed animals, night lights, blankets, etc. only to realize that there was no room in the car for our luggage! On our first two trips to Hawaii we had to order bed rails online and pick them up on the way from the airport to our accommodations. 

When we purchased our cabin in 2008 we decided to create a kid friendly space where families could stay and have all the comforts of home. We outfitted the cabin with everything our kids wanted and needed so that we did not have to bring them from home every time. Many of our guests have commented that they wish that they did not bring any toys from home as their kids only played with the toys in the cabin anyway. Over the years we have listened to our guests feedback to continuously improve our rental program. As we have renovated the cabin we have incorporated modern electrical safety features to help safeguard the appliances and occupants against power surges, lightning strikes and power outages. Our tankless water heater delivers water at 120 degrees to prevent scalding hot water injuries (at 140 degrees F, scalding occurs in 5 seconds. At 120 degrees scaling occurs in 180 seconds). We have upgraded our baths and showers to thermostatic mixers to prevent temperature fluctuations during bath time. 

Here is a partial list of the kid friendly features that we have incorporated into the cabin: 

1 x Folding crib and crib mattress
2 sets of Bed rails 
A baby gate to block off stairs 
Kids unbreakable plates, cups and utensils 
Two Portable booster style Highchairs, one for infants, one for toddlers (straps to a standard chair) 
Kids step stools 
Dimmable night-lights in kids room 
Night-lights in all bathrooms 
Over 100 kids books 
A closet full of toys for kids from toddler to 12+ years old 
Lots of games and puzzles for older kids in front bedroom 
Collection of VHS and DVD Videos 
Netflix and Amazon video on every TV 
Code-compliant child safe railings on all stairways, porches and decks 
Xbox 360 game console 
Tire swing under back deck (available Memorial day to Labor day) 
Anti-scald temperature control vales on all tubs and showers 
Anti-scald tankless water heater 
Kids furniture on back deck 
Kid size folding chairs to take on expeditions 
Industrial first aid kit in front bedroom closet 
Carbon Monoxide and smoke detectors in every bedroom 
2 x Toddler life jackets available for use (rated for up to 30 lbs0 
1 x Child's life jacket available for use (rated for 30 to 50 lbs) 
Wood stove set back on raised hearth to keep out of reach of infants and toddlers 

Although the cabin is very child friendly it is not fully child-proof. For the comfort and convenience of all our guests we do not have child latches on kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Some toys in the kids room closet contain small parts and are not for use by younger children. 

Most important in our rental program is our experience taking our own kids on many different adventures in the Arnold area. We are happy to provide recommendations on age appropriate activities for your family and especially for the little members of your group. We have guided many guests to discover new activities and adventures during their stays in the mountains. Please contact us to help plan your next family getaway!